Monday, October 25, 2004

[Thoughts] Great question!

My family recently had the pleasure of spending eight days with the portion of the body of Christ known as St. Peter Presbyterian Church in "Far Southwest" Virginia (that's the proper description, according to Joshua Blackburn). After the Tuesday night bible study, my 7-yo son had been playing with Dr. Sproul's 8-yo son, when I informed him it was time to leave.

My boy went up to Dr. Sproul and asked, "Can I play with your son again?"

"I don't know," came the reply. "Will you spur him on to righteousness?"

"Well, he'd probably spur me on to righteousness. He's older than I am."

I've never asked that question of one of my children's friends. ...but, I will now.

Posted by Jim Bob Howard to Thoughts at 10/25/2004 01:20:47 PM
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