Thursday, October 28, 2004

[Thoughts] From the... uh, mouths... of babes...

We've always taught our children that obedience is only obedience if it's "done the first time, every time with a happy heart."

Having recently read the article, "The Beauty of a Child Who Sits Still" in Family Reformation, my wife and I have been trying to put into practice some of the principles and lessons recommended in the article.

After a recent "training session," my wife was coaching our 4-yo son, who was standing in his doorway, on waiting in his room—sitting still and quiet—at the end of rest period until she came to get him. Well, he went back in... but with great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Going in, my bride calmly asked him, "What's man's primary purpose?"

"To gworify God and enjoy him fohever."

"That's right. And how to you glorify God?"

"By Oh! BAYing."

Then Mom prompted, "...with a ____ ?"

To which the little cherub replied, "...a happy fart!"

...and he complied!

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