Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How do you spell that, again?

Teaching phonics and reading to little ones can be so much fun! As they learn the sounds of letters and try to sound out words, it's very satisfying to see them decipher the codes.

And lots of fun!

Driving to HEB grocery store tonight to pick up a few necessities, but 3yo Cinderella (yes, the one in my profile pic!) asked from the backseat in her cute little bubble voice:

Cinderella: "Why are we not toing home?" (She still has lots of words that start with 't'!)

Me: "Because we need to get some things from at HEB, Sweetheart."

Cinderella: "Oh! Tan we dit some ponies while we're day-uh?"

Me: "No, we're just getting what's on the list tonight."

Cinderella: "I mean, I want you to white dem down."

Mommy: "You want us to write them down?"

Cinderella: "Yes. Will you white ponies down on da list, Mommy?"

Mommy: "Do you know how to spell it?"

Cinderella: "Mmm-hmm."

Mommy: "How do you spell 'ponies?'"

Cinderella (sounding out the letters, just like we've taught her): "FFffff, PPppp, KKkkk"

Mommy (sounding it out, too): "F, P, K?"

Cinderella: "Mmm-hm." Pause. "Den a fow-uh."

Mommy (stifling a giggle): "A flower?"

Cinderella: "Mmm-hm! ...and a song!"

Me: "I like the way you spell 'Ponies.' I think we should spell it that way from now on!"

I had to write this down, because I know that Cinderella won't be here forever and I'll forget the precious things she says. But, I'm going to spell 'ponies' with a flower and a song from now on!