Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blogger Mom Carrie Evans is the Last American Optimist

Writer for Homeschooling Today magazine's Homeschooling Helper eNewsletter, homeschooling blogger mom, and budding photographer, Carrie Evans (aka "Gremlin Wrangler") is the last American optimist. Here is her video commentary on the economy—and what the new administration can do about it—on CNN's iReport.

After watching, go to iReport and leave a comment… I did.

Carrie, you have a great perspective on the American economy. It is apparent that your commenters fall into one of two categories:

1) "The economic 'crisis' was created by the government and the government should fix it, so that I can maintain my current lifestyle."


2) "Rising prices mean I need to make adjustments to the way my family and I do things, but we're still alive and we are going to stick together and work through it."

I'll join YOU in Category 2. Carry on the good work you have begun...
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